Bookkeeping 03-08-2023

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 1: The Right to Be Informed Internal Revenue Service

Some opponents claim that complicated tax decisions are best decided by deliberation based on well-informed argument and informed consent, such as presumably occurs in legislatures, rather than the simplistic and emotionally charged appeals that tend to dominate referendums. Many advocates of a more libertarian view, such as Americans for Limited Government, say that reduced taxation […]

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Bookkeeping 23-01-2023

Fringe Benefit Rates

Other benefits are offered as a result of employee negotiations or even union agreements that might have been settled earlier. It might seem as though determining fringe benefits and calculating them can be an overwhelming process. However, it can be a fun process to implement legally-required benefits and benefits that your employees can receive on […]

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Bookkeeping 16-09-2022

Debit vs Credit: Bookkeeping Basics Explained

When it comes to the DR and CR abbreviations for debit and credit, some believe that DR notation is short for debtor and CR is short for the creditor. Desiree runs a tutoring business and is opening a new location. She secures a bank loan to pay for the space, equipment, and staff wages. Expenses […]

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Bookkeeping 17-06-2022

Sacrificing Ratio Meaning, Example, Formula, etc

The Gain Ratio adds a normalization factor to the Information Gain, to take into account the number of possible values for a feature. This helps to prevent features with a large number of possible values from dominating the selection process. Gain Ratio is a useful technique for selecting relevant features in a dataset, as it […]

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Bookkeeping 24-12-2021

What is Decentralization? Definition, Example, Factors, Objectives, Limitations

Decentralization, on the other hand, is a method and approach by which powers and responsibilities are transferred to units away from the center. It is the transfer of authority from central administration to (state and/or) local administrations or governments. Much of the decentralization that has taken place in the past decade has been motivated by […]

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Bookkeeping 18-11-2020

The implementation of an Activity-Based Costing ABC system in a manufacturing company

Activity-based costing (ABC) is a costing method that assigns costs to specific activities or tasks within the production process. Using ABC, overhead costs are traced to products and services by identifying the resources, activities and their costs and quantities to produce output. For instance, the utility cost of running production machines would be included in […]

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